Greetings to our wonderful friends and party/event clients!

This is Sean Hyatt, the Founder and Lead Artist of Artsy Events, Giggle Loopsy and Best Party Artists. Writing with an important message about the COVID-19 scare and our effort to help #FlattenTheCurve of the spread-pattern of this virus.

We are taking this new reality very seriously, and will do our best to communicate well to both our artists and our clients in the coming weeks as the situation continues to unfold in the local communities that we serve. In our sincere efforts to join the fight against the spread of this virus, we want to be highly diligent but also be a voice of reason and calm.

I would like to remind all of our valued clients that although “large” events (more than 250 attendees) have been asked to postpone, the smaller events (20-30 people or even more) can continue with the proper precautions. We encourage our friends and contacts to use the CDC website here (updated daily) for the most accurate information. And reference your own state’s guidelines as well, since different areas are calling for different local precautions.

Based on the CDC’s guidelines and info, here’s what we recommend for your upcoming small or small/medium sized event, and here is how we are instructing our awesome artists:

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

• Ask any attendees to please stay home if they or anyone in their household is sick
• Keep some kind of sanitizer at your front door and ask attendees to use it on their hands before entering
• Print and hang our “fist-bumps-only” sign on the entrance (here). Instead of handshakes or hugs – encourage fist-bumps or elbow-love 😉
• Even if one or two attendees decide not to attend your event out of precaution, feel free to continue with your small event (this is based on CDC info as of 3/13/20). It’s not the small or even medium-sized events that are being encouraged to cancel, only the large events like large concerts, pro-sporting events, festivals etc. Schools are temporarily closing in some areas, but again this is to keep groups of hundreds-or-more from sharing germs. Small events with friends and loved ones can still take place.

And here is how we are instructing our artists for your event:

• If they or anyone in their household are sick, we are making immediate arrangements to send a different artist to your event
• Fist-bumps or elbow-bumps will be used instead of hand shakes or hugs
• Each artist will bring hand sanitizer or disinfecting wipes or some other form of disinfectant to use (since those two items are now sold out at most stores) – before, during, and after their appearance at your small event
• Face painters will be extra-sure to use their brush bath or vinegar in their water, which disinfect the brush repeatedly during and between each face paint. Vinegar really does kill viral bacteria.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

If you have any questions or concerns at any time, please email us. We will be monitoring the situation for new developments over the coming weeks.

We appreciate your business and even in the midst of this craziness, we very much look forward to serving you and yours!

-Sean Hyatt & the Artsy Office Team

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