The National Retail Federation recently predicted that Americans will spend nearly $75/person on Halloween this year, making it the second-biggest retail holiday. Are you ready for the fun?

-Costumes rock! Whether kids or adults, invite your attendees to come in costume. Spice things up by giving a costume theme like masquerade ball or favorite superheroes.

-Have a pumpkin-decorating table. All it takes is tiny pumpkins, markers, paper, glue, and any other cheap assorted tinies from the hobby store. Get your guests engaging in creative hands-on fun. Also a great take-home gift.

-Caricatures. Okay shameless plugin but we had to throw this one in there. Caricatures of individuals, couples and families – in full costume – are sooo amazing.

-Don’t forget your ambience. Halloween music and sounds are creepy fun and add a whole-nother layer of atmosphere to your environment. Background noise also cuts out nervous tension between strangers, so don’t let your friends and family suffer in silence.

-We all watch movies at home, why not watch them at your party? Having a fun and family-friendly (or for adult parties a not-so-family-friendly) movie on in the TV room will give your attendees something to do between conversations and games and snacks. Its free and easy, and we all do it, so why not?

Any party is better than no party – so this fall, whatever your style and whatever your approach, invite the people in your life to a spooky evening of frightful fun!

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