When I worked as a caricature artist aboard the Royal Caribbean Cruise ship, Majesty of the Seas, in May of 2011, my stand was next to the airbrush tattoo stand. The gal who did them was from Romania, and during that month we spent many hours waiting patiently for our next customers and chatting about our crafts as the ship slowly swayed on the seas. That was my first real exposure to airbrush tattoos – they were bold, vivid, fast to apply, and stayed on the skin for a week!

Have a big event with tons of kids and adults to cover in a limited time frame? Airbrush tats are perfect, totally safe and long-lasting. Check out our frequently asked questions regarding these fun and unique tattoos, and enjoy these pics from past events!

How are airbrush tattoos applied?

Airbrush tattoos are sprayed onto the skin with an airbrush paint machine. Each person selects a design from a design book or board, and the artist finds the stencil in their stencil file which corrolates to that design. The skin is wiped clean with a wipe, the stencil is held down onto the skin, and the tattoo artist sprays one or more colors over the stencil thoroughly. When the stencil is lifted, the design appears and is crisp, bold and beautiful! They can be applied to any part of the body other than the face – often that means hands, arms, legs, backs, or necks. Fun fun fun!

  • 1 – 1.5 minutes each to apply
  • 45-55 designs per hour
  • Stays on the skin up to 7 days
  • Application by stencil with oil-based paint, great for all ages
  • Waterproof within minutes of application – get a real-looking black and white or full-color tattoo the easy way!

What paint is used for airbrush tattoos? How safe is it?

Airbrush tattoos are 100% safe and perfect for any age! Our standard airbrush tattoo paint does not irritate the skin at all – it is the highest-quality oil-based paint and stays on the skin for up to 7 days.   

Whether our team can help directly or not, we are always here for good advice or trusted referrals for all of your party or event needs — contact us anytime!

~Sean Hyatt, Lead Artist

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